Integrated Play Builds Bridges for Pro Athletes in Career Transition

Renee Shull Shows How in Hands On Experience at March 13 InterCom Luncheon

Renee Shull, founder of Integrated Play, After the Draft, helps former athletes worldwide by teaching them how to find their next career after they’re done playing professional sports. She’ll share her insight and experience in a dynamic and 3-D LEGO-based interactive presentation for InterCom at its March 13 luncheon.

“Transition is a reality for most professionals, no matter where they begin their career,” says Shull. “Because many professional athletes perform on a national stage, it is easy for others to relate to their challenges and learn from their experience.”
Success in any professional endeavor requires a keen understanding of your personal interests, talents and professional passions, Shull explains. Once these are clear, she coaches clients on personal and social branding, social media management and intrapersonal communications as well as business development and career management.

In this interactive session of the InterCom Luncheon Speakers’ Series, Shull will introduce participants to her approach through LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. She was one of the first facilitators in the nation to become certified in the process and has incorporated it into much of her work. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY individuals discover how they perceive the world, themselves and their life’s path in a fun, yet structured manner. There is a cost of $10 if participants wish to keep their LEGO bricks and continue their self-discovery after the luncheon. (See more)