WMed Works to Improve Medical Communications

Rescheduled event includes tour of WMed’s downtown campus

Rescheduled from Jan. 9 due to uncooperative nasty weather, attendees at the InterCom Speakers’ Series on April 10 will hear how medical students at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine are being trained as better communicators with their patients, staff and community.

In a special, on-site presentation at WMU’s School of Medicine downtown campus, Laura Eller, director of communications, will discuss its innovative, lifelong learning approach that is creating better doctors for our collective future. By demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration, while showing compassion for all, WMU medical students will be equipped to better communicate; bringing a new level of quality healthcare for all.

This special event and tour of the Stryker School of Medicine, 300 Portage St., is strictly limited to 30 people. We reached our limit in January, but not everyone who reserved a spot then is able to make the new date, so some spots have opened up. If you reserved a spot for the January date but have yet to confirm for the April 10 event, please do so now. We will be accepting new reservations to fill the remaining seats.

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