Summer Gathering Planned for August

August marks the kick-off of InterCom’s 26th year (yes, 26!) as the region’s top association for professional communicators. We’ll celebrate with an evening gathering at Arcadia Ales on August 20th at 5 p.m. This is one of three official evening gatherings designed especially for those who are unable to join us during our luncheons.

This event also marks the official beginning of our membership year, which runs through June. It’s an opportunity for members and guests to reconnect with colleagues and meet new friends and peers as they look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of their work.

Starting out? Established pro? We’re here for you

Over almost three decades of InterCom, we’ve supported the professional development of the region’s top communicators. Many have built their careers alongside one another. Today our most tenured members lead the region’s top communication teams at local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Many others manage their own businesses. At the same time, we serve recent college graduates and those in the earliest stages of their careers. It makes for great discussions and opportunities for networking. And, it keeps us connected professionally.

Because our members represent a broad spectrum of specialties and industries, there’s always interesting news and inside information about what’s happening throughout the region. Find out what businesses are expanding, who’s hiring or even the latest tech developments to save time and money. Your ability to network is unlimited. To make sure you never miss our get-togethers, please sign up for our InterCom Express newsletter.

Get the inside scoop on a major campaign

On Aug 20 we’ll also introduce our lineup for our signature 2nd Friday Speakers’ Series, which occurs on second Fridays from September through April, except for our evening holiday gathering in December.

Our series kicks off Sept. 11 with a case study presentation from Tom Vance, Director of Marketing Communications for the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. Tom will detail the Community Foundation’s strategic planning and rebranding activities of the past two years and share an exercise or two with us to demonstrate the process. Bring a lunch and join us!

Save by joining

If you’re not already a member of Intercom, you can easily register online. Members attend our Speakers Series’ free of charge. Guests are asked to pay $10, so the savings of membership quickly adds up. Now is the best time to join. As a member, you’re also part of the region’s only online talent directory for communications professionals.  Check out the full list of member benefits here.

Register for the Summer Gathering