Insiders Track, the InterCom Luncheon Speakers’ Series and more

If you missed the InterCom events of 2015 ” so far ” here’s what you missed:

  • A peak inside a dynamic new regional institution that’s changing healthcare communication
  • Learning about innovations in local fundraising, the opportunity to experience first-hand new approaches to communication for human resource managers
  • More than one occasion to network with the region’s top communications professionals
  • An encore event that brought members together to examine some of the world’s best commercial messaging

Catch up on the latest events and activities here¦

Luncheon encore event, Cannes commercial loop

InterCom members enjoyed a bonus event in June with an encore luncheon featuring the Best of Cannes commercials. Combining funny and dramatic messaging from the world’s top creative talent, we gained ideas and inspiration from these award-winning campaigns that sparked lively discussion and some friendly debate. Hosted by Azon and its director of marketing, InterCom member Nancy Peterson, members also enjoyed a tour of Azon’s iconic international style headquarters built in 1962.

25th Anniversary Celebration

In May, we gathered at Arcadia Ales for a 25th Anniversary and Reunion Party. In place of our annual Tony Griffin Golden Word Award ” where we honor the region’s top contributors to professional communication ” we opted instead to celebrate the achievements of all our past winners and the success of our members. You can see the fun you missed by visiting us on Facebook.

Behind-the-scenes tour and presentation of WMed

Our 2nd Friday Speakers’ Series concluded ” officially ” in April with a private tour and presentation by Laura Eller of the WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine. The new medical school is a collaboration involving Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo’s two teaching hospitals, Borgess Health and Bronson Healthcare. It’s among only a few U.S. medical schools in several decades to be constructed from the ground up, and is built on the strengths of extraordinary community partners. InterCom was given an insider’s look at how this new regional treasure is changing medicine.

Among its leading innovations is the school’s approach to teaching doctors how to be better communicators, especially with patients but also with peers and within the field of healthcare. By demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration, and showing compassion for all, WMU medical students are being equipped to bring a new level of quality to the field. Many of healthcare’s leaders will soon come from Kalamazoo and WMed. Its mission is to educate and inspire lifelong learners to be exceptional clinicians, leaders, educators, advocates, and researchers of tomorrow.

Individual and organizational talent development strategies shared

Our March luncheon featured Renee Shull, founder of Integrated Play, After the Draft. Renee helps former athletes worldwide by teaching them how to find their next career after they’re done playing professional sports. Among the tools she uses to gain insight into her clients’ talents and interests is a set of LEGO bricks. It’s a process called LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Using the bricks in a structured and fun session, Renee showed us how to explore our own career interests. The process drives interpersonal communication in a nonverbal expression of play.

In addition to helping individuals, Renee uses this technique to assist companies around the world with talent development and organizational strategy as it relates to human resource management. Renee was among the first facilitators in the nation to become certified in the process and has incorporated it into much of her work. Through LEGO SERIOUS PLAY individuals discover how they perceive the world, themselves and their life’s path in a fun, yet structured manner. Organizations use this approach to gain insight into their employees’ strengths and to build a cohesive culture.

Crowdfunding project launched locally

Every nonprofit knows the challenges of engaging stakeholders and raising funds. At our February event, we got an early peak into an innovative new approach to local fundraising from Thell Woods, founder and chairman of Crowdfunding Services. Thell and his team are revolutionizing crowdfunding by creating an online resource based locally in Southwest Michigan, called INVEST IN KALAMAZOO L3C. His team is currently navigating the regulatory and technology landscape that will streamline the process for local schools, churches and other nonprofits. When the project is fully launched, it will be tested in our market before being rolled out elsewhere.

Crowdfunding Services LLC creates sites specific to a community or region, generating awareness for local projects looking to raise money and simplifying the giving technology to help them succeed. These strategies, combined with social media, give the community an opportunity to directly support local causes.