Works like magic

Our Summer Gathering in August at Arcadia Ales showcased InterCom at its best.

Current members and new friends met and reconnected both socially and professionally.  We made merry and made connections. Conversations ranged from boisterous to deep. We laughed with kindred spirits, broke bruschetta together and talked shop.

Put a bunch of friendly, creative, communicators together, focus on mutual success and ¦ magic happens.

Here’s an example

At the Summer Gathering, I had a chance to speak at a deeper level with guests about their professional challenges and goals for the coming year.  And in many cases I was able to introduce them to:

1)    Peers experiencing similar challenges,

2)    People who could help fill needed business services, and

3)    People who could refer specific solutions.

Gretchen Johnson, InterCom Board President

Voila! Talk about some enchanted evening! And that was just one event “ the first of three evening gatherings we hold each year.

Think of the magic you could make from an entire membership year, with:

·      Free admission to our outstanding speaker series

·      Connections with professionals across the region

·      Our upgraded talent directory

·      Plus a new website, new blog/newsletter (with opportunities for your input) and more.

All for just $45 — a lot less than a top hat and white rabbit.