Time to Harvest Local Creative Talent

By Tom Chmielewski

Why is a tomato at the Farmer’s Market like a graphic designer?

They both have great taste, exhibit vibrant color and “ for the best buy “ both should be local.

In fact, InterCom members already know of the wide range of creative talent available locally in the field of communications. So the InterCom board wants to do more to connect our members with local businesses in need of our talents. The first step we’re taking this season to improve InterCom’s visibility is to join Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo. It’s part of our efforts to expand the association’s marketing efforts for our members.

Big-city talent? We’ve got it right here

We want InterCom to become the area’s clearinghouse for businesses seeking writers, marketers, designers, web developers, videographers, voice talent and more with extensive creative backgrounds and training. When a business has an urgent need for a specific creative skill, InterCom can find the right person to meet that need.

And we have news for any enterprise that thinks only a big, out-of-town agency can handle their extensive marketing or public relations project: Our network of creative talent already exceeds the size and scope of many big-city agencies. Our members are ready to serve the local market with quality and expertise that attracts regional and national clients as well.

Don’t be shy: Market yourself through our directory

One way to make it easy for potential clients to find you is by showcasing your services in our online Talent Directory “ the region’s only reference source for communication professionals. Have you filled out your profile? We’ve made it more visual and easier to access. Don’t miss out on this member benefit!

Other ideas? Tell us!

Joining Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo is just a first step in making the wider community more aware of our professional capacity. We urge members to let us know your ideas for leveraging our efforts to promote InterCom as the go-to resource for communications expertise. You’ve worked hard to develop your career and hone your talents. How can we better market you?

The communication professionals of InterCom are always coming up with fresh ideas. To put those ideas to productive use, we need to be sure none of our local creative talent is left hanging on the vine.