Top 5 InterCom-only membership benefits for pros in-the-know Join or renew today!

If you could design a program to facilitate your professional development, what would it look like? In college, there were department chairs and program advisors who gave us guidance or a bit of insider intel. Resident assistants helped with roommate challenges or an awkward social situation. But how do you navigate your career?

We hope one answer is InterCom. If you’ve been a member, it’s time to renew for 2016-2017. If you’re new to InterCom, it’s time to join the region’s only local association for communication professionals! Here are a few things you’ll find when you do.

Networking is baked into every event

We actually prefer the term community-building. We hope our members will develop professional friendships that last throughout their careers. Most of us are on our own at work. Few companies today have the luxury of employing a marketing or communications team. Who do you ask about the unique challenges of a particular software program or a hard-to-handle client? Or if you’re one of those lucky pros with a full-time, on-site job, where do you go to bounce ideas off others in the same boat? InterCom membership offers access to a community of professionals who may have just the answers and advice you need.

Signature lunchtime events typify best practices in communication

From launching a product to planning an event and talking like TED, our signature lunchtime speakers offer best practices and case studies in communication. Each 2nd Friday from September to November and January to April, local leaders share a behind-the-scenes perspective on the how-tos of effective communication. Always free to members, this layered approach also puts you in front of the people behind the events and organizations driving our region.

NEW! Members-only private intel on local resources

Starting this year, we’ve planned two behind-the-scenes tours for members. We’ll learn how to access and use local resources specific to communicators. Doing research? Want access to little-known databases or printing equipment? Join us for our members-only Private Access events.

Talent directory and job postings

Post your profile in the region’s only online directory of communication professionals. Learn about the latest job openings and gain access to available work through our network.

Professional development

InterCom membership offers a host of professional development opportunities. The sky’s the limit. If you’d like to build your leadership skills, our board of directors is a great way to get hands on experience. Don’t have too much time to spare? Consider helping with an event or program planning. And if you’re really limited on time but want to stay connected to your local colleagues, our social media and informal gatherings let you do just that.

Only membership will make you a part of the InterCom community. Join or renew today!

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