Community-minded new board member to focus on outreach

InterCom recently welcomed Janet Veach of Advia Credit Union to our board of directors. Read on to find out more about her, including what she loves about Kalamazoo!

 Let me introduce myself

By Janet Veach

In 2012 my husband accepted a position with Parker Hannifin Aerospace in Kalamazoo. This was a pretty big deal for us, as we had lived our whole lives, and raised three sons, in a small community in downstate Illinois. While I bid my husband adieu in February, I had much to do before I would join him in September: resigning my position as public relations director of the Alzheimer’s Association Central Illinois Chapter, prepping and selling our two-story farm style house, sending our youngest son off to college, and finally, packing up our Australian Cattle Dog and driving northeast to the mitten shaped state we now call home.

Was it easy? I can answer that quite simply “ no. My 81-year-old mother has yet to forgive me, our neurotic 4-year old dog was disorientated for far too long and the experience of moving to a new community where everyone is a complete stranger is at once liberating, frightening, lonely and exciting.

Fast forward four years and I can tell you that my husband and I love Kalamazoo and are always seeking new adventures. We especially enjoy the biking and hiking trails, going downtown for Art Hop, trying new restaurants and microbreweries, and attending festivals, concerts and live theatre. We especially enjoy the energy that comes with living in a university/college town. In March of 2015 I accepted a position with Advia Credit Union where I oversee community and public relations in 4 regions. I love my job because it allows me to get out in the community and partner with charitable organizations, area schools and local businesses to make our community a better place to live.

Last year I also joined InterCom so that I can continue to hone my writing and public relations skills, meet new people and network with other professionals in a casual and friendly environment. I attend many of the lunch time programs with the goal of learning more about the Kalamazoo region and its movers and shakers. I have not been disappointed. I love learning how our city’s professionals utilize social media, plan innovative and successful events and work together to create dynamic partnerships.

In July I joined the InterCom board of directors. In my new role I will be overseeing a Member Relations Plan that includes reaching out to members to make personal contact with them and determine how InterCom can better serve their needs “ both personally and professionally.