The Customer’s Journey- Eric Hultgren, Mlive Media Group

Eric Hultgren, who has background in Radio, now works at Mlive Media Group. He spoke to us at our last
Friday about igniting a passion for social media and talked about how “it’s never been easier to be average”. Instead of selling or banging people over the head with ads–start with a story. The power of storytelling is the best form of digital marketing.

Before 1990, all we had was traditional marketing–then time went on and marketing channels keep exploding. Now our marketing channels are so vast. People are distracted continually–every 60 seconds. We have to figure out how to get their attention in our Amazon “1-click” culture.

The retail market is being disrupted. Netflix & Amazon is investing billions in advertising. Marketers should stop trying to do everything all at once, instead, pick a single channel and OWN IT. And please don’t put the same content on Twitter and Facebook, otherwise, what’s the point in consumers following both pages?

Be real. Show live events. Show people how it happens. Show them the process. Facebook organic reach is near zero for business pages. If you want to reach real people, you need to pay for it. There are some exceptions to this including Facebook live, but don’t expect that to be the case for much longer.

Don’t bang people over the head with ads. Instead, tell stories by using content marketing. For example, if you are a clothing store, write an article about how to tie a tie (or other clothing topic) and be a resource when people are searching on Google. Be a good source for information. Be the answer to a question. And they will remember your business.

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