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InterCom is an association of and for professional communicators in the Kalamazoo region

Local. Personal. Networked. And deeply connected to regional industry, education, the nonprofit community, tourism, broadcast and print media¦

It’s our mission to provide members with opportunities for professional growth. We encourage career development through educational events, networking and social engagement opportunities. And we promote the highest ethical and technical standards of practice among our members.

Learn, network, lead, grow professionally

Our focus is on raising the professional bar among our members. To that end, we offer a series of luncheons, an occasional seminar, access to online news and the latest industry and trade information. Networking is baked into everything we do because we believe this is among the best ”and fastest ” ways to advance your career. And our board and its committees offer ample opportunities for leadership development. All of this is designed to help communications professionals throughout southwest Michigan move to the top of their field.

Practice, apply, connect

We strive for engaging, interactive events that stretch and challenge our members and their guests. Our aim is to send everyone back to work with practical solutions for everyday applications. Grow your business. Impress your boss. Win over your next client. And we make sure you leave with the name of a new colleague or two, or a deeper connection to the person sitting next to you.

Find talent, get great advice, learn from us

You get the most from InterCom by joining us as a member. But there are lots of other ways to benefit from our organization. We maintain the region’s only online resource of communication talent. You can also sign up for our newsletter, InterCom Express, or check out the resource section of our website. It’s chock full of ideas and information to help any organization. Search our talent page.

Don’t miss our premier events

Our 2nd-Friday Speakers’ Series is our signature event. From September to November and January to April, on the second Friday of each month, we host experts on a range of topics essential to communications success. With a focus on case studies and best practices, members gain direct access to industry leaders and local experts. Networking is built in. And it’s organized around the way professional communicators work: RSVPs aren’t required for members and everyone brown-bags their lunch. That way, when your day gets away from you ” or your meeting cancels and leaves you open for lunch ” you can drop in and join us.

Celebrate with us

Each year we honor the very best in southwest Michigan communication talent. From top broadcasters to municipal leaders, university presidents, journalists and leading ad men and women, our industry has shaped the very culture that defines us.

Meet our leadership team

The InterCom Board of Directors is made up by a team of committed professionals with a desire to give back to the field of communication. Like the members we represent, we bring a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives and career experience to our work. We are always looking for input from our members and insight into the best way to serve our collective professional development needs. We encourage members to support these efforts through our committees, which provide leadership development and often lead to opportunities for board service.

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